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No Walls. No Boundaries. No Limits. And No Child Left Indoors.

The Kailua-Kona community has always been a vibrant and special place. For many families who live there, West Hawai'i Explorations Academy provides their children with a choice - a different way of learning that encourages them to solve problems and answer deeper questions. This unique approach also empowers students in grades 6-12 to take an active role in their education and reach higher. It is a real education for the real world.

Benefiting West Hawai'i Explorations Academy

West Hawaii Explorations Academy (WHEA) is a small charter school with big ideas and a bold vision. Known for its nontraditional, hands-on approach to learning, WHEA, a school without walls, brings a new level of innovation and engagement to its students, their families and the Kailua-Kona community.

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We're here to answer any questions about your tax-deductible donation to hte Exploration Foundation, benefiting West Hawaii Exploration Academy.

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We need your support to create graduates equipped with the right knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s challenging, globally connected world, graduates who are critical thinkers and responsible citizens who value stewardship and collaboration.

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Everyone is suddenly talking about project-based learning. Learn more about the WHEA approach, and what it means to teach Hawaii's students HOW to think instead of WHAT to think.

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Ready to get started? It's easy to support these students, and your donations lay the groundwork for projects that propel Hawaii students into amazing careers!

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Educators, Parents and Students Speak

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Alex Gupton

"Our three children are thriving at WHEA! Two of our younger were doing fine in public schools and are excelling, and enjoying, the curriculum at WHEA. It is our eldest boy who was struggling with the standard classroom model. Since he has been exposed to the project based learning, he has blossomed into a top student, confident and happy. He now enjoys going to school, identifies as one of the smarter kids in his class and talks about attending college! We are sure this never would have happened in a conventional classroom. Top marks to the school and amazing educators making this possible for our family!"

Alex Gupton Parent, WHEA
Jennifer Orechwa

Our daughter is thriving at WHEA and now has dreams of working in aerospace or becoming an engineer for NASA. I love that each student is given the opportunity to excel on their own terms, advancing even full grade-levels in some subjects.

Jennifer Orechwa Parent, WHEA
Nina K. Buchanan

WHEA puts the best psychological theories of learning into practice. It has been an inspiration for future secondary teachers for many years!

Nina K. Buchanan Professor Emerita, University of Hawaii Hilo