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Why Is WHEA’s Approach So Important?

About Project-Based Learning: “In project-based learning, students try to answer a question — one that has relevance for them — that is greater than the immediate task at hand. In its publication Connecting the Bits, the NEA Foundation gives the example of students at a Kentucky elementary school conducting surveys, doing research, building models, and taking field trips with the goal of determining the best kind of new bridge to build over the Ohio River.”

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What lurks below? “The species in the collection cage has never been seen by anyone before, not even by the world’s most prominent marine biologists. It has just made the journey from the frigid waters 3,000 feet below the Pacific to a collection station on the black lava shoreline of the Big Island.” (Excerpt from West Hawaii Today – Click Here to read full article).

Institution founded on choice produces strong test scores – “KAILUA-KONA – Teenagers sit at a picnic table as their math teacher sketches out a navigation problem on a whiteboard propped near a plumeria tree, with the rumble of surf as his soundtrack.” (Excerpt from Honolulu Star Advertiser – Click Here to read full article).

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